Divisional Grand Conclave of Sussex

The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine
and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St. John the Evangelist

Divisional Grand Conclave of Sussex

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Divisional Conclave

The Divisional Conclave of Sussex was Constituted in 1973, being formally part of Hampshire and Sussex which was Constituted in 1871. The Division now consists of 11 Conclaves spread through the Division at all the major Masonic Centres including a Past Sovereigns Conclave.

TThe next meeting of the Divisional Conclave will be held on Saturday 4th May, 2019 at The Charmandean Centre, Forest Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 9HS.


Official Visits 2019/20. Divisional By-Laws Toast List


John Lawrence Drury Oakley, T.D.K.C.C. 1973 - 1984
Ronald Sydney Payne, K.C.C. 1984 - 1991
Gordon Howard Jones, G.C.C. 1991 - 2001
Raymond Henry Button 2001 - 2005
Brian James Prevett, K.C.C. 2006 - 2016
Paul Norman Rose 2016 - Present

Deputy Intendants-General

P. G. I. Strong 1975 - 1976
Frederick Wade-Cooper 1976 - 1981
Ronald Sydney Payne 1981 - 1984
Peter John Fynmore 1984 - 1988
Arthur Francis Rich 1989 - 1990
Gordon Reginald Hyde 1991 - 1994
Raymond Henry Button 1995 - 2001
John David Phillips 2001 - 2006
Glyn Raymond Goddard 2007 - 2010
Paul Norman Rose 2011 - 2016
Bernard Frank Marchant 2016 - 2019
Andrew Robert Knight 2019 - Present

Divisional Viceroys

Ill.Kt. A. G. Eames 1973 Ill.Kt. J. B. Brown 1974
V.Ill.Kt. F. Wade-Cooper 1975 Ill.Kt. Sir H.W. Fielden, PGPref 1976
Ill.Kt. G. J. M. Baker, PGStB(L) 1977 Ill.Kt. R. A. Dyer, PGVChamb 1978
Ill.Kt. W. R. Sleeman, PGHer 1979 Ill.Kt. A. H. W. Bowles, PGHer 1980
Ill.Kt. A.J. Sturgess, PGPref 1981 Ill.Kt. W.W. Coy, PGPref 1982
Ill.Kt. J. E. E. Crowhurst, PGPref 1983 Ill.Kt. D. F. Hill, PGPref 1984
Ill.Kt. H. F. Hawkins, PGPref 1985 Ill.Kt. E. H. Kenward, PGPref 1986
Ill.Kt. D. G. Carpenter, PGPref 1987 Ill.Kt. W. T. Pinches, PGPref 1988
Ill.Kt. E. N. Tarling, PGPref 1989 Ill.Kt. S. S. Freedman, PGPref 1990
Ill.Kt. W. H. Saunders, PGStB(C) 1991 Ill.Kt. A. C. Chesswell, PGChamb 1992
V.Ill.Kt. G. W. Blacker, PHAlm 1993 Ill.Kt. P. Pointer, PGVChamb 1994
R.Ill.Kt. J. R. H. Handford, GCC 1995 Ill.Kt. E. H. Martin, PGChamb 1996
V.Ill.Kt. Lt. Cdr. A. T. Chalmers, PGHChanc 1997 P.Kt. B. J. Farrow, PGPref 1998
Ill.Kt.Dr. H. McMillen, PGChamb 1999 V.Ill.Kt. P. W. Grant, PGHAlm 2000
Ill.Kt. R. C. Wilton, PGStB(C) 2001 V.Ill.Kt. G. Wilson, PGHAlm 2002
V.Ill.Kt. G. Wilson, PGHAlm 2003 R.Ill.Kt. E. L. J. Smith, GCC 2004
Ill.Kt. R. A. Walker, PGStB(L) 2005 Ill.Kt. H. C. Farlow, PGPref 2006

Divisional Eusabius

Ill.Kt. W. A. George, PGPref 2007 Ill.Kt. D. G. Colebourne, PGChamb 2008
Ill.Kt. D. B. Best, PGHChanc 2009 Ill.Kt. D. F. Oliver, PGChamb 2010
Ill.Kt. W. Slater, PGChamb 2011 Ill.Kt. C. R. Hartley, PGChamb 2012
Ill.Kt. R. Lewis, PGChamb 2013 Ill.Kt. R. A. Barton, PGChamb 2014
V.Ill.Kt. L. J. Clapperton, PGHAlm 2015 V.Ill.Kt. Revd D. Allonby, OBE, PGJunGen 2016
Ill.Kt. J. G. Ellenger, PAGMar 2018
Em. Kt. John L Challis Ill. Kt. Simon V. Langton, PGWofReg
Em. Kt. John L. Challis
Divisional Recorder
Ill. Kt. Simon V. Langton, PGWofReg
Divisional Marshal

Divisional Officers 2019-2020

Eusebius Ill.Kt. J. G. Ellenger, PAGMar
Senior General Ill.Kt. A. G. Woods, PGPref
Junior General Ill.Kt. E. N. Nkune, PGWofR
High Prelate P.Kt. A. C. Hobden
Registrar Ill.Kt. N. Schofield, PGWofR
Treasurer Ill.Kt. M. H. Cornes, PGChamb
Recorder Em.Kt. J. L. Challis
Almoner Ill.Kt. R. Whitehouse, PGPref
Marshal Ill.Kt. S. V. Langton, PGWofReg
Sword Bearer P.Kt. P. A. Gosling
Deputy Marshal Ill.Kt. D. W. Morrow, PGHer
Chamberlain P.Kt. J. G. Nassau-Kennedy
Sub Prelate Ill.Kt. B. T. Lee, PGwofR
Standard Bearer (C.) P.Kt. J. C. Fuller
Standard Bearer (L.) P.Kt. R. Tyne
Prefect P.Kt. M. J. Hearn
Warden of Regalia P.Kt. D. R. Shaves
Asst. Recorder P.Kt. R. C. Greenhead
Organist P.Kt. J. D. Williams
1st Herald P.Kt. R. J. H. Lester
2nd Herald P.Kt. G. R. Boyling
Steward P.Kt. T. Wickham
Steward P.Kt. J. R. Voice
Steward P.Kt. R. Jupe
Steward P.Kt. J. McConnell
Steward P.Kt. I. P. Biddle
Sentinel P.Kt. M. Chambers

Past Rank Appointments

Past Senior General P.Kt. B. McIntyre
Past Junior General Ill.Kt. T. H. E. Best, PGPref
Past Sword Bearer P.Kt. J. R. Hoare
Past Standard Bearer (C) P.Kt. R. W. Holder
Past Standard Bearer (L) P.Kt. T. W. E. Weston

Divisional Sepulchre Guard

Guard Captain W.Kt. C Doe
Deputy Guard Captain Em.Kt. T. Padley
Recorder Em.Kt. T. Padley
Members Em.Kt. B. A. Hunter Em.Kt. O. Onah
W.Kt. S. Piper W. Kt. P. R. Butler W.Kt. N. D. Chalk
W.Kt. B. D. Cubitt W.Kt. M. H. Green W.Kt. S. K. Sands

Current Publications

Ritual No.1 - 2010, Amended 2012
Ritual No.2 - 2010, Amended 2012
Ritual No.3 College - 2016
Ritual No.4 Senate - 2011
Statutes/Report of Proceedings
Available from Premier Metropolis Masonic